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2020 begins the twelfth year of the market in the same location, Wehmhoff Square. It also brings some new sponsors and new vendors. We are grateful to The City of Burlington who have collaborated with the market from its inception.

The fruits and vegetables at the market each week – remember only “in season produce” is sold at the market, by the producer that grows and nurtures it to bring to market each week. Meat, cheese, bakery, honey, eggs and much more are market staples.

2011 was the first year we provided SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. The program continues each year and, we are very excited to provide this service to our consumers. As an example of how this program can work; last year a young mom of three boys, spent her benefits on tomato, cucumber, peppers and other plants that she could take home and grow, feed her family for the summer and them also preserve some for the winter months!

There would be no purpose or reason for us to gather each Thursday without the loyal shoppers who visit the market each week. We rely on our customers-first policy. The market also collects stall-based vendor fees, which vendors are willing to pay because of the dedication to our market from our consumers.

When people work together great things happen. The Burlington Farmers  Market is living proof of that. As the market, City and Town of Burlington, merchants and businesses within the community continue to partner and use our resources the market will flourish into the future… and continue to bring the best of the country to the heart of the city.

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