Welcome to Burlington Farmers Market

Spring is Coming! Opening Day – May 3, 2018

Wehmhoff Square – Summer




Every Week at the Market!

Wehmhoff Square, downtown Burlington is the place to be on Thursday afternoons. There is an enormous range of products to buy and food samples to taste. It’s a great place to meet with friends as you enjoy the melodies of our local musicians. The Farmers’ Market gives you the opportunity to talk with the producers and ask questions    about the food or products they sell including how it was made or grown and when it was picked. The market here in Burlington is on Thursday afternoons and much of the produce is harvested that morning.

An added incentive to shop at the Farmers Market is the quality of service. The producers are experts on their own produce, offering information on ingredients and advice on the best way to prepare and serve the produce.

Since all produce is locally grown and harvested in season don’t expect strawberries in December! There is good news; some of our producers are investing in high tunnel technology that allows them to start produce earlier and extend the growing season.